Unicef - Sex and Nutrition Education

I only worked for one year on this project as a Lead Programmer and this project is still under development.

Battery Low Interactive is working on this Joint Project with UNICEF and Light of Hope on gamification. The project aims to build a simple user-friendly and interactive e-learning application to receive information and knowledge regarding the mental and physical changes of adolescence and prepare themselves to effectively handle the mental, emotional and physical changes while ensuring maximum learning outcomes by the age group of 11 years to 16 years. The application will be accessible by any adolescent including students, out-of-school children, and individuals. They will be able to use this application through their personal devices like smartphones, tabs, or computers. The game follows a storyboard where a scientist tends to have a dreadful past memory. He used to pass through a period in his adolescence when his friends bullied him. As a result of which the scientist aimed to destroy the world. Whereas an agent ensures to save the world. The story evolves with some minigames through which players will be able to gain knowledge about the mental and physical changes of adolescence