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Musabbir Islam  - Game Developer

Musabbir Islam

If you want to really know someone you must hear his story first. So, here is my short story of how I ended up being a game developer. Alike most of the 90s kids I grew up in the golden age of Gaming. But as a good child of my parents, I always have focused on my class test and term exams :p . I got to know from my friends how cool Prince Of Persia, Battlefield, FIFA, and many other games were. I had some chances to play House of the Dead, Need for Speed, and Virtual Cop 2 on some of my friends' computers. At that time, games were nothing but some time pass and fun things for me to do during leisure. So I grew up trying to get the best degree available and preparing myself for the job market of Bangladesh. Somehow I end up studying Computer Science and Engineering and fall in deep love with programming. In one of my university courses where I was taught Java programming language and this course required a project to submit. My course instructor suggested that I should make a game with raw java coding which will help me to learn and practice almost all of the things I learned in that course. So I did follow his suggestion and I enjoyed making my first game in raw java only using notepad++ as the code editor and JavaFX as the GUI.I loved making that game so much that in my semester break I made 2 more games just for fun. But right after the semester break, a new semester started with new courses and I got busy with my study and completely forgot how I enjoyed making games. In my last year of university, I started my professional life as a part-time junior web developer in a company. I worked there for almost 3 months then I switched my job and started as a junior Android developer. Meanwhile, I saw a job post for the position of a game developer intern for a company named Battery Low Interactive. None of their job requirement was matching with my knowledge as I previously I never knew about any game engines or never heard that game development can be a profession! Without thinking about anything I applied for the post. In 2017 I joined Battery Low Interactive as an Intern and till now I work in this very company with lots of fun and enjoyment. So this is my story currently, I am working as a Senior Game Developer in Krada Game Studio where we work with Hyper Casual games and I also work as a part-time employee in Battery Low Interactive where we make interactive products like simulations on Virtual Reality, and Augmented reality, educational games with Unicef and UNDP and so on. In case those bragging did not bore you I also want to add that I with one of my friends started a startup named “Augmetic Virus” where we also focus on making Interactive software like Motion based games and apps using Kinect, Augmented Reality and Arduino based custom hardware. I also published a Live Coloring book named “Live Akibuki” for children using Augmented Reality.

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Tools Expertness

Android Studio


Oculus SDK

Windows Mixed Reality SDK

Visual Studio


Unity Game Engine

Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK

Minhaz-Us-Salakeen Fahme - Author - "How to Make A Game"/ Apress, Springer Na

One of the most dedicated persons I have ever seen. He can take on challenges head on. Great motivation towards work and highly talented.

Minhaz-Us-Salakeen Fahme

Author - "How to Make A Game"/ Apress, Springer Na

Shahinur Rashid Tuhin - Graphic Designer at Canbat Technologies Inc.

What can I say! As there is so much to say about Musabbir. He is very professional and very good at what he does. Patient with beginners and very talented.

Shahinur Rashid Tuhin

Graphic Designer at Canbat Technologies Inc.

Istiaque Ahmed - Entrepreneur | AR VR Specialist | Game Developer |

A person whom you can rely upon setting things right, no matter how adverse the situation is. I have seen this man to learn fast, adapt and progress in a furiou

Istiaque Ahmed

Entrepreneur | AR VR Specialist | Game Developer |

Minhaj Mimo - Entrepreneur | CTO | Developer | Analyst

Musabbir was essential to the team and contributed significantly to the success of the company. Powerful, skilled and accountable Engineer

Minhaj Mimo

Entrepreneur | CTO | Developer | Analyst