Bitimo | UNDP Environment Game

I worked on this project for only 4 months as a programmer.

Bitimo was a Joint Project with UNDP and Dream 71 Bangladesh Ltd. and it was a  gamification project. The project aims to build an interactive educational game to receive information and knowledge regarding East Timore and its historical myth and the Effect of environmental pollution on humans and wildlife. Also, how waste pollution affects the environment and how to deal with it, how to use proper waste management procedures.  A complete guideline about sustainable farming about fossil fuel and its importance to how to prevent Air Pollution.

Bitimo, an environment education-based game, begins with a traditional story of Timore Leste designed to teach people about environmental pollution. The game revolves around the main character, Besufa, and her best friend Avo who falls into a trap of underwater waste. By completing different tasks, the mission of the game is to rescue Avo by saving the environment. The game mission is designed on 4 key tasks. The first mission is cleaning wastes, the 2nd mission is sorting the wastes, the 3rd task is planting trees and the 4th task is watering and giving fertilizers. There will be quizzes after each task and players will be penalized for the wrong moves.

While ensuring maximum learning outcome by the age group of 11 years to 16 years, the game will be accessible by any adolescent including students, out-of-school children, and individuals. They will be able to play this game through their personal devices like smartphones, tabs, or computers. The story evolves with some mini-games through which players will be able to gain knowledge about the East Timore history myth and environment