AR Color Book

This is an Augmented Reality based Live coloring book's app Rong Dhong(রং ঢং) is an Augmented Reality(3D Computer Graphics) based live colouring book first ever in Bangladesh developed by Musabbir Islam. Let your children to colour the book “Live Akibuki”(লাইভ আঁিকবিুঁক) as like they wish and then visualize their imaginary world through Rong Dhong app(রং ঢং).We have designed Augmented reality based app Rong Dhong(রং ঢং) for our book named “Live Akibuki” (লাইভ আঁিকবিুঁক) where kids can color using pencil and crayons in our book and then they can see the object in 3D computer graphics with animation and can listen information about the object in audio format through our app Rong Dhong(রং ঢং). We have tried to combine the physical world and virtual world with the help of Augmented reality. This app truly represents augmented reality in Bangladesh. Augmented Reality based kid’s learning app Rong Dhong(রং ঢং) will make your children smarter tomorrow.
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