Home Showroom AR

Home Showroom is a custom-made Augmented Reality Application that I developed while I was an Internee in Battery Low Interactive. This application introduced a unique way to impress customers and boost the sale of furniture significantly.

Buying furniture can be a very exhaustive process. From simple questions as to whether the furniture will or will not fit in the room, to pondering as to the desired color of the furniture; furniture shopping requires heavy use of imagination. For people who are interested down to the details, it can be even more excruciating: just try imagining whether a specific design will or will not fit into your house and you can understand the pain. 

All that pain could easily go away if you could visualize the furniture inside your house. The app we have designed enables you to do just that. 

 “Home Showroom” app allows users to visualize their selection of furniture(s) inside their own room and to make a better evaluation of how it will fit in their living room. The customers will be able to explore and try the furniture directly inside their interior. They will interact with the product for a long time, they will configure it and examine it from every angle, and they will share pictures of it on all social networks giving the opportunity for the product to advertise in viral form.

The basic features include:

1. 3D visualization of furniture models in interior

2. Changing model colors to see which color suits best in the environment

3. Trying out different available sizes of furniture

4. Exploring, rotating and moving the furniture at ease

5. Showroom details and location 

The app will bring the showroom inside the customers’ home, so that they can buy with confidence while making a huge database of customer behavior in the industry. The business model will be rental fee from the companies or one-time payment. The ever-growing customer behavior database will ensure that we can provide efficient data analysis solutions to them after some years.

This eventually will grow to be the ultimate furniture hub, just like uber is for drop off service. The real business will be from data, which, right now is priceless and will continue to be so