10 Minutes School AR App

This is an AR app built for 10 Minute School, for the convenience of study among the students of Bangladesh. It makes education more enjoyable and interactive. In this app, whenever you place any textbook figure beneath your camera a 3D model of that figure will pop up on the mobile screen.


How amazing it will be if you can see the boring images of your textbooks come alive? You can learn more easily with fun about the topic in a three-dimensional world. Study materials don't remain boring anymore. Battery Low Interactive created an augmented reality-based app for Robi 10 Minute School called the 10 Minutes School AR app.


While capturing a textbook figure in your camera, after the 3D model gets appeared, if you tap on the figure, the tutorial video of that topic will pop up. This is an amazing work of Battery Low Interactive for the education system of Bangladesh.